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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Notes on Notes

Being Thankful ... I truly am ... however I am awful about thanking others in the proper manner -- writing a Thank-You Note!

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.
Colossians 3:15

I have great intentions, and appreciate all the wonderful things people do for me and my family, but I'm ASHAMED to say it's so hard for me to find the time and take the time to sit and write a heart-felt thank-you note. I put it off, and that's just bad. It truly is. And I know it.

At our MOPS meeting yesterday, we had a lovely speaker, Mrs. Carolyn Jones talk to us about the importance of taking the time to write notes. It was exactly the reminder I needed. Afterall, I was taught to write notes, and I do understand how important they are and how much they mean to people.

She reminded me how much cards mean to people, whether it is a very close friend, or even a stranger. I remember the feeling of outreach and love when we brought our children into the world, when my mom was battling cancer, when we grieved the death of my grandparents, when I celebrate my birthday, and even on a regular day just because. Cards and notes mean so much. She reminded me that if you don't reach out to someone, then they will never know you thought of them. She told us that when she and her husband lost their baby late in her pregnancy, she was hurt by the number of people that never even mentioned it. And if it's because you aren't sure what to say, just say, "I'm sorry and I love you."

I thought I would share with you a little of what she shared with us. Maybe it will help make note-writing just a little easier for you.

Note Starters for Being Thankful:
Thank you for making us feel so welcome.
Thank you for including us.
As always, the best part of the evening was simply being together.
You both certainly share the gift of hospitality.
The company was perfect; we renewed old acquaintances and met some new friends.
Mike joins me in thanking you and Tom for your generosity and kindness.
Thank you for thinking of us in such a kind way.
Where do I begin to thank you for all you have done to make this time of our lives extraordinary?
As always, we treasure your friendship.
Thank you for the precious gifts of memories and time.

Note Starters for Difficult Times:
In a difficult situation, you emerge with grace.
We admire  your courage and honesty in these challenging times and pray that God's peace will lift you and encourage you each day.
May God's grace continue to hold and sustain each of you.
Our family grieves the loss in yours, and we send our love and prayers.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of grief and loss.

Another friend suggested an idea that I really liked, as a mom of 2 young children. She lets her 2 year old color on a piece of his stationery and then at the bottom she writes, "______ says he loves his truck you gave him for Christmas. Thank you!"

I am going to make much more of an effort to send cards to people and thank you notes throughout next year, as I have been reminded of the importance once again, and how much it truly can brighten someone's day.

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  1. Thanks for these great tips. Especially love the note starters!



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