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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another example of God's love for us

I see God at work in our lives constantly.

For the first 6 months of our son's life, his older sister, Ella, never showed signs of jealousy. As our son, Wilson, gets more active, all he does is grab and pulls at Ella. He adores her. I say, "Where's Ella?" and he starts kicking like crazy! All he wants is to play with her, as much as a 9 month old can play. Now all she wants is for him to not pull her hair and eat her things.

I tried to be understanding of Ella's frustrations, but anything I said or did to make their relationship better seemed to fail. I realized, much like I do in most instances, that I need to put it in God's hands. Now yes, there are things that my husband and I can work on with Ella, but I am quickly finding out that things get better when GOD is in control. When we LET God be in control. I realized that I had not been praying for her to overcome this jealousy. I thought, "it's probably just a phase, and it will pass." And I tried to handle it. But regardless of whether it's just a phase, I should have placed it in God's hands through prayer.

So that's what I do now. I pray for my children's relationship.

Just this morning, we came in to cool off from a golfcart ride. (I haven't been walking lately due to this exhausting heat!) I set Wilson down in the playroom and left to go fix us all, as Ella would call it, "a refreshing drink." Such big words! I walk back in to witness Ella "reading" to Wilson. I sat there and took it in, praising God for HIS works, not mine. And not only did she read 3 books to him, she included him in a few conversations, and even tried to give him a high-five!

I tell you this to use as an example of one way in which God works. Again, sometimes it's in obvious ways, and sometimes we never see it. We don't always understand God's timing. Sometimes we see His work immediately. Sometimes it takes years. But everything is always in God's PERFECT timing. Not OUR timing ... HIS.

God is good, and He wants to take care of us. I need to let Him.

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