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Friday, July 30, 2010

Diapers -- Stock Up!

I ran into CVS today to pick up some diapers. I usually buy these at either Target or Wal-Mart because they are less expensive there, but as you all know, sometimes convenienve trumps savings!

I just have to share with you ... you MUST make a trip to CVS before this Saturday at 12 midnight. You can purchase a box of Pampers, either Swaddlers, Cruisers, or Baby Dry and not only save $2 instantly with your CVS ExtraCare Card, but you will get $10.00 EXTRA BUCKS back!!! This is like buying a whole box (our size 4 includes 64 diapers) for only $9.99!!!!

The original price for a Pampers box of diapers was $21.99.
Receive an instant $2.00 savings making your purchase price of $19.99.
When you check out, you will receive $10 Extra Bucks to use on your next purchase. Mine is good until 8/28/10. You can use your $10 toward any purchase. Just don't set it aside and forget to use it, like I often do!! If you forget your ExtraCare Card, they can usually look up your account by phone number.

Hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!


  1. And the limit is TWO, rather than ONE, so get back in line and purchase another box and put that $10 ECB to good use!

  2. That is awesome!! I am running low on diapers so I will be going to CVS today!!! :)



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