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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Family Fun ... Much Needed

We played tourist today ... at our local bowling alley! It might as well have been a Christmas morning to our dear Ella. Her excitement radiated lane after lane, frame after frame.

She was my biggest cheerleader, yelling with every ounce of enthusiasm, "Go Momma Go! I know you can do it!"

We all bowled two games. Wilson ate and watched in his stroller. He was so good and patient. I'll blink and he'll be out there with us bowling his own 6 pound ball!

Ella bowled each ball on her own and did well -- a 53, with the bumpers in of course.

She even got to wear the lovely shoes that we all love! She was proud of them. And yes, those are some tattoos on her arms. Not tacky at all, right?!

I smoked Jason first game, but apparently he was just warming up, because the rolls reversed second time around! We are usually pretty good at balancing one another out.

How many times do you think I squirted Ella with Sanitizer?!

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon outing for our family of 4. Something simple and fun. That's all our children want from us ... time together making memories that will last a lifetime. And we made one Sunday.

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