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Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Family Fun & MOPS Pumpkins

We had a wonderful celebration at our home for Wilson’s first birthday. We kept it simple by only having our family over Sunday for lunch, cake, and family time. We were very blessed to have 4 generations in our home for such a special, memorable day.

Ella and Wilson were so happy spending time playing with their cousins. Poor Wilson is completely outnumbered with a sister and 4 other girl cousins, but he will excitedly have a best buddy to play rough with come early March!

I made these pumpkins and gave them to Wilson’s cousins as party favors. The idea originated from a friend Chris, who has recently opened an incredible baby store called The Kangaroo Pouch. She is unbelievably talented and has made some incredible pumpkins. You should see these things! She was kind enough to teach me how to make them and I loved how they turned out! Thank you Chris! (Her store is AMAZING … stop by for a visit.)

We have started a MOPS group locally and I am the Creative Director – funny because I am so NOT creative! We meet for fun meetings every 2 weeks while our younger children play together in the nursery. So far it has been a huge success, as we have had to already place people on a waiting list! So, these pumpkins were also our “craft” for this week’s MOPS meeting. We decided to keep things simple by using the smaller pumpkins and just do initials, since we were limited on time. I think (and hope) they were a big hit today. I tied a cute ribbon around the stem and popped a light in the bottom.

I got everything from Michael’s … I think I cleaned them out of their small pumpkins! Think they also have everything at AC Moore. They are kind of expensive ($8) but you can find them on sale occasionally for 50% off. And the lights are $3 each. And then you actually use a regular pumpkin carving kit – mostly the puncher/poker to trace/”dot” your pattern and then the saw to finish.

I want to touch more on our amazing and inspirational speakers we had today. More in a later post – too much to say about it! Also, keep checking back as I have an exciting giveaway planned very soon! I am SO excited about this. I wish I could enter myself, however I don’t think that would be too fair! I am, though, going to order one for myself. You won’t want to miss this one!!

Her children stand and bless her ...
Proverbs 31:28


  1. Great job on the pumpkins! Looks like Wilson had a nice party :>)

  2. Happy Birthday to Wilson! I cannot believe he is "1" already...time sure does fly by. Love the pumpkins! How very artistic and creative you have become...very impressed! Please give both of those precious babies hugs and kisses from me!

    All my love,

  3. It look like he was being so cautious with his cake and I love the pumpkins!

  4. Hi Britton, the pumpkins are amazing! I am so excited to hear that you are starting up a MOPS group in your area. I just posted about MOPS yesterday, I didn't feel like I had a lot in common with a lot of the Mom's there. I wish we lived closer, I would love to have joined your group! Talk to you soon.




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