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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Favorites

Today I wanted to share with you a product that benefits the entire family! This all really started when I was on bedrest last summer. Having been told that my little baby was coming at only 27 weeks, I was determined to fatten him up as best I could. I did not care how much weight I gained. Wanted to take-in as much protein as I possibly could. I wasn’t able to be in the kitchen cooking healthy meals, though. So, this is what I counted on to get the most nutrients to my baby boy (along with all the wonderful and numerous meals my church family brought to us) …
(You can usually find it in grocery stores near the oatmeal and breakfast bars. I personally prefer the Rich Milk Chocolate flavor. And by the way, remember my Friday Favorites are all personal to me. I am not getting compensated -- just simply sharing what I think is a good product!)

I am not a huge milk-lover, however this stuff I love! And so does Ella. I put about ¼ packet in her milk every morning and evening and I know that she is getting SO many more vitamins and nutrients.

Carnation Instant Breakfast has:
2x Protein of an egg
2x Calcium of yogurt
Extra Antioxidants to support immune system
Extra B Vitamins to convert food to energy
Vitamin A – 45% of your daily requirement
Vitamin C – 50% daily requirement
Iron – 25% daily requirement
21 Vitamins & Minerals in each serving

When on bedrest, I fixed probably 3-4 servings of this each day! I know, that sounds crazy, but it helped me know that I was giving extra and proper nutrients to my teeny tiny baby. One thing I did to mix it up a bit ...

Poor a serving of milk in a blender with ice. Pour in a packet of Milk Chocolate Instant Breakfast. Then add a ½ Tablespoon of INSTANT coffee (must be instant). Blend that together and you have a delicious mocha-like shake.

Instead of coffee, you can add a banana for another different treat. I wouldn’t recommend giving the coffee shake to your children! But think how healthy the banana shake is! And what a fun way to get your children to intake so many nutrients. You can also have them help you make it for a fun parent-child activity.

Happy Friday to all my dear reader-friends! I hope to enjoy some downtime with my family. I have been fighting a bad cold for 8 days now and feel so run down. I feel overwhelmed. Don't we all feel pulled in so many directions all at the very same time?! I still haven't learned that balance of being a good mom, wife, homemaker, friend, and Christian -- all in one. How do you do it?

Don't forget to VOTE! Open that Bible of yours and enjoy God's Word!

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