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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time With God = Growth in Attitudes & Thoughts

First of all, I am beyond humbled by Liz's post. God's perfect timing is truly amazing and I am so thankful that He is at work in each of our lives. His grace and love shine through in so many ways and it shows all around us. And as her post reads, it is yet another reminder that as we spend time in God's word and ask Him for His help, we can see growth in our attitudes and thoughts.

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:9

Liz over at Crafty Mama Blog is a beautiful Mom, wife, friend, and Godly woman that has decided to share her incredible talents with the rest of us! She, like us all, is juggling and balancing life along with the time, energy, and courage it takes to open her own etsy store. She has recently launched a new line of products for adults that are similar to her adorable children's products. You have GOT to check it out and support and encourage her in this new venture!

Also, I am continuing with a new Bible verse poll. I really would love for you to do this with me. We all get busy and this is a simple way to open our Bibles and learn just a little more about God. Hopefully you will be encouraged at a time you are struggling and can find hope during an overwhelming time. It is my hope that you will open your Bible along with me, and learn just one more thing about God's amazing love for us. I struggle with this, with opening my Bible each day, but I know that spending time in His word is what we are supposed to do. It is expected of us. So I am starting at a simple level, soaking in every word I can, as I have realized how much I do NOT know and how much left there is for me to learn. Looking up just a few verses each week is the very least I should do. I am learning so much by just opening my Bible. I would love for you to take this simple challenge with me. Now take a much-needed minute, open your Bible, find these verses and VOTE!


  1. Dear, sweet Britton, thank you, thank you for your kind words. I, my friend, am now the one humbled. Thank you for your thoughtfully and carefully written posts. Thank you for sharing the love of our Christ and for being so wonderfully amazing! I heart your blog and I am so thankful to have a new friend and sister in the Lord!
    Blessings and thanks so much, again!

  2. Hey Britton,
    I am so glad I found your blog! You have done an amazing job! I sent you an email on Sunday, but you probably have not had a chance to respond. I hope you and your precious family are well! I hope we can catch up soon!


  3. Britton,
    This is so inspiring. You never know who you will touch and how with your encouraging words. Christ will use you and your talents for good things. You have a gift.
    God Bless,



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