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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Money for God

Just this morning Ella and I were playing in her room while Wilson was trying to nap. We got her piggy bank out, as she loves separating the different coins into piles, sorting, and making patterns. (We think she’s going to be good in math!)

I watched as she made 2 separate piles. She looked up at me and said, “Momma, this pile is for God.” After thinking a minute, she then said, “But how does it get up to God?” I explained to her that we give it to church, and our church is able to do incredible, amazing things with the money that we give.

She continued sorting and separating. I noticed she had made 4 piles. She then went on to explain to me, in such a grown-up way, that …

one pile was for God, one pile was for our church, one pile was to spend, and one pile was to save.

She gets it. At only 4, she gets it.

(Ella and her daddy before Donuts for Dads. I'm not sure who was prouder!)


  1. wow....out of the mouths of babes....if that's not convicting, i don't what is! i pray that i could give so freely to "God and to church" why is it that children understand how important it is to give it all back to the One who provided it in the first place, and i struggle with wanting to keep closed fists around all i have? thanks for sharing! and thank you, ella for reminding me of an important lesson! ;)

  2. Cute story! I am always amazed at what my kids pick up (they are 5 and 3). It is so fun being their mom and seeing them grow spiritually.


  3. What a sweet angel...God is mighty and he continues to shine his light through our children..It's to bad us grown-ups were not more like children, they come with out judgment and preconceived notions. They just BE in the present....I am your newest follower....I love the song playing it started my morning right..thank you..




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