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Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a Wonderful World

It's been a wonderful past month! I can hardly believe that all the beautiful Christmas festivities have come and gone and we are in a whole new year.

We had a rough start. The dreaded stomach virus hit our family and we stayed in the entire week leading up to Christmas. And although it was a tough time for us and it wasn't fun at all, I hate to even complain because we are SO lucky to have our health.

Because of our sick household, we were devastated to miss our Christmas celebration with Jason's family. Poor, sweet Ella would throw-up and then say to me, "I feel better ... now can we please go to Chesterfield?" It was pitiful. She was heart-broken.

Jason never takes time off. SO ... he took a couple of days off right before Christmas and we invited his parents over and were at least able to spend some time with our fun "Bubby and BB". We cooked lunch and had a truly wonderful, memorable, full day together in our home. It was a special start to an incredible Christmas weekend.

Christmas morning we enjoyed family time with our excited children.

Then headed over to my parent's for brunch. My parents built our home when I was only 2 and my brother was 4, so it truly is home to us. I loved watching Wilson and my adorable niece Anna Chapman interact. They are only 9 days apart.

We are so blessed. It's going to be a wonderful year.

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