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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thoughts on TWENTY-TWELVE!

Each year that comes and passes, I realize that I never stick to my resolutions. But I also have never put them into writing and truly "studied" them with much thought. This year, I plan to continually remind myself of the things I want to do to improve the quality of my and my family's life.  Now these may seem simple and generic to some, but they are important to me and thoughts that I know are not out of reach for me. Some are easy and I've already made progress on, and others I still am not sure how to improve on.

Here are some of my thoughts on starting the new year off FRESH ...

1.  Simplify my life.

2.  Be a more frugal and smart shopper.  Learn how to coupon and spend more wisely.

3.  "Just a closer walk with thee ..."  Find and make time for God daily. Study Scripture and apply it to my life. Grow in my walk with the Lord.

4.  Lead a more active lifestyle. Get back into tennis playing (it was my life growing up), take Wilson on more strolls, family neighborhood walks, increase my jogging capability (I hate to run!), tone and get into better shape.

5.  Drink more water and less Diet Coke and Sweet Tea! Be more conscious about what I put into body. Learn how to eat and cook healthier for my family.

6.  Organize my home and learn how to stay organized.

7.  Spend moe quality time with my children, husband and frinds. I have always had gread intentions of doing "extras" but have never been thorough and consistent on following through.

8.  Grow my home business.

9.  Time Management and more patience.

10. Get up earlier and be more productive.

Happy New Year!! It is going to be an awesome 2012!!


  1. Gorgeous family pic! :) Great list...

  2. Happy New Year Britton! Love the pic & your list! kelly cat



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