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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Greater YES!

Ever since I read this, I have had it on my heart to share with you. My blogging friend Lyndsie from A Love Worth Waiting For, has an incredible spirit and more courage and strength than you can imagine. She is a beautiful, Godly woman that gives all glory and honor to our loving God. She encourages me to be a better person, a better Mom, and mostly a better and bigger heart for God. Read her profile and be touched.
She wrote this in a post a couple of weeks ago and I just loved her words ...

"I'm Loving that the Lord knows the desires of our hearts, and even when we think we know best but it seems like God has said "No", that could just mean that God has a greater YES!"

I hope this brings you some encouragement and hope on this hot, summer Monday as it did for me!

1 comment:

  1. This brought a tear to my eye!! Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!



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