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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Little of This ... A Little of That

A random post about random things ...
  • We got our Electric /Power bill and I am pleased to share with you that it was 24% LESS than last month's!!! And this was after only about 2 weeks of being more energy efficient. Can't wait to see what next month's is!! See my previous post here on ideas to save money each month, knowing that you are helping our Earth along the way. I would love to hear if you have had any luck with your savings or if you have any ideas you'd like to share.
  • I saw someone both yesterday and today park in handicapped spaces and I KNEW that they didn't have a need for it, had anyone in their families that needed it, or had a handicap sign in their cars. This bothers me for so many reasons. There are SO many families out there, children, elderly people that truly NEED these spaces. With 2 small children, I understand that it is sometimes less convenient or tiring to park further away, but please don't take advantage of your own health and the health of others that truly do need special parking. especially in this summer heat.
  • I have heard over and over ... don't wake a sleeping baby! I know this, BUT my little Wilson has been sick and thankfully he is finally feeling better and getting back to his sweet, happy, funny little self. I went in to check on him last night around 10:30 and just stared at him wondering how anyone could hurt or abuse a child, an innocent little child. I think I must have kissed his soft chubby little face 3000 times! Of course, he woke up, stared at me for maybe 2 seconds, then burst out into the biggest, happiest grin you could imagine. I just couldn't put him back to sleep yet, so I scooped him up, loved on his some more, then took him out to the den where Jason and I sat together, playing with our son, praising our wonderful God for giving us 2 perfect and happy children. There are so, so many people that are struggling with infertility, cancer, unhealthy children, or hurting from the loss of a child. I have had this on my mind so much lately, as I have come across too many blogging friends that are hurting, especially as I look in awe at my 2 healthy children. And so many of these people give every bit of glory to our loving and wonderful God and still manage to share how blessed they are. These "friends" amaze me with their strength and courage. Reading their stories and seeing their struggles has made me count my blessings even more so. I am trying to be more aware of complaining about the smaller things, because I truly do "have it good."

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